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    • Introductory Workshop (2-6 hrs)

      This interactive and hands-on workshop provides an opportunity for individuals to learn a well-defined, systematic self-monitoring intervention, and motivational system: The Self & Match System. Participants attending this workshop leave with a comprehensive tool to implement within the school setting, a systematic guide to plan self-monitoring systems, as well as a Self & Match manual with substantial training materials. For groups 20-125+.

    • Advanced Workshop (3 hrs)

      This session brings together professionals that have already attended the “Intro to Self & Match” training and are currently implementing Self & Match System(s). The goal of this session is to help educators and practitioners identify ways to optimize current Self & Match interventions. The session includes a round table discussion, consultation, and review of current Self & Match systems. A systematic Self & Match: Considerations During Implementation Guide is shared with the participants in order to help implementers critically evaluate their systems.

    • Intro to Self & Match in the Home Setting (2-3 hrs)

      This session is designed for parents and home ABA Providers. Participants in this training will acquire an evidence-based systematic guide to planning self-monitoring systems in the home and community. Participants will receive a Self & Match manual with substantial training materials. For groups 10-30+.

    • Instructional Assistant/Paraprofessional (3 hrs)

      This session is designed for implementers, but not developers of Self & Match Systems. The workshop reviews the research behind self-monitoring, discusses the importance of fidelity in implementation, addresses Frequently Asked Questions, and promotes collaboration between Instructional Assistants and the staff they support. For groups 10-60.

    • The Self & Match System: University Guest Speaking

      Overview of Self & Match System/Guest Speaker at University Courses. For groups 15-100 .

    • Invited Speaker at International Conventions & Local Conferences (1-3 hrs)

      Contact us to discuss workshops tailored to meet the needs of your upcoming conference and convention. Our invited talks can focus on the Self & Match system, or can talk more broadly about the value of self-monitoring interventions in the educational setting. For groups 10-100+.

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