Intermediate and Advanced Workshop

  • Intermediate/Advanced Self & Match Workshop (3 hours)

    This session will bring together professionals that have already attended the “Intro to Self &
    Match” training and are currently implementing Self & Match System(s). The goal of this
    session is to help educators and practitioners identify ways to optimize current Self & Match
    interventions. The 3-hour session will include a round table discussion, consultation, and
    review of current Self & Match systems. A systematic Self & Match: Considerations During
    Implementation Guide will be shared with the participants in order to help implementers
    critically evaluate their systems. This time can also be used to assist with creating
    individualized forms, to working with the staff on making data-based decisions, and/or
    learning how to graph and interpret the Self & Match data.

    Title of Training: Intermediate/Advanced Self & Match Training

    Length of Training: 3 hours
    Typical Training: Size 3-15
    Target Audience: This workshop is designed for behavior analysts, consultants, school
    psychologists, autism specialists, special educators, teachers, administrators
    currently utilizing the Self & Match System
    Room Set-up: U-shape and/or large conference table
    AV Needs: Screen, Mac Adapter, Speakers
    Printing Needs: 10 pages per participant prior to the training, 10 page Considerations Guide for
    all participants, and 5-10 pages on the day of the training.