Introductory Workshop

  • The Self & Match System: Systematic Use of Self-Monitoring as a
    Behavioral Intervention – Introductory Workshop (4-6 hours)

    Description: This INTERACTIVE and HANDS-ON workshop will provide an excellent opportunity
    for individuals to learn a well-defined, systematic self-monitoring intervention, and
    motivational system. Participants attending this workshop will leave with a comprehensive
    tool in hand to implement immediately. This workshop will explore peer-reviewed research
    that supports the implementation of self-monitoring systems for students of various ages and
    developmental levels. A discussion of self-monitoring procedures incorporating a “match”
    component will be presented, with specific focus on Self & Match, a user-friendly, easy to
    implement, empirically-validated system. Participants in this training will acquire a systematic
    guide to planning self-monitoring systems, as well as a Self & Match manual with substantial
    training materials. Additionally, participants will strengthen their knowledge of necessary
    considerations prior to implementing any self-monitoring or motivational system.

    The Self & Match system has been used internationally to support individuals with emotional
    behavior disorders, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, as well as a variety of
    other diagnoses. Self & Match can be employed as a part of an individualized behavior
    system and/or a class-wide behavior management procedures and school-wide behavior
    management procedures as a part of SWPBIS. Self & Match has been applied in a diverse
    array of settings including special and general education settings, homes,
    communities, clinics, public and private schools, and recreational programs. Great
    workshop for individuals and/or teams!

    Objectives: At the conclusion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

    • Identify the research-based benefits of self-monitoring
    • Identify the basic components of the Self & Match System
    • Effectively apply, individualize, and monitor progress of a self-monitoring system
    • Identify the necessary components of an effective motivational system
    • Identify the importance of pre-treatment planning on the effectiveness of intervention
    • Create a Self & Match self-monitoring system to implement in their workplace
    • Systematically consider function in the development of self-monitoring interventions and
    reinforcement opportunities

    Title of Training: Intro to Self & Match
    Length of Training: 4-6 hours
    Typical Training Size 20-100+
    Target Audience: This workshop is designed for behavior analysts, consultants, school psychologists,
    autism specialists, special educators, teachers, administrators, parents, students, and/or
    others who primarily support individuals from K to 21. Participants will engage in active
    learning to increase their knowledge of systematic self-monitoring and motivational
    systems as behavior interventions. Workshop attendees will gain a tool/guide to develop
    their own Self & Match systems to utilize in school, home, or clinic settings.
    Room Set-up: Collaborative Tables of 4-6
    AV Needs: Screen, Mac Adapter, Speakers
    Printing Needs: Powerpoints for all participants, 10 page Considerations Guide for all participants, and 5
    additional 1 page hand-out per participant