About the Self & Match System Forms

Systematic Use of Self-Monitoring as a Behavioral Intervention
  • Self & Match forms are dynamic and evolve as there is behavioral growth. As progress takes root and flourishes over time, the forms adapt, ensuring an intervention that remains finely tuned to the individual’s journey of behavioral improvement.

    Each form is meticulously created, keeping in mind the unique dynamics of students, classrooms, schools, and clinics. What sets the forms apart is their ability to seamlessly adapt, ensuring a solution that’s not just effective, but tailor-made to align with student needs.  Whether on paper or in the digital realm, Self & Match forms are flexible to suit your team’s preferences and strategies.

    At the core of each form lies a positive collaboration between educators, parents, and the child, teen, or young adult participating in the program. Together, they define:

           • Specific Goals: Precise behavioral milestones that pave the way for growth.
           • Specific Rating Opportunities: Targeted instances for measuring progress and celebrating accomplishments.
           • Specific Rewards: Tailored incentives that resonate with participants, boosting motivation and fostering a sense of achievement.


  • What are the 5 Steps of completing each Self & Match System form?

    • STEP 1: Student/Client/Child answers all questions independently

    • STEP 2: Staff/Adult/Parent answers all questions independently

    • STEP 3: Student/client compare answers with the Staff/Parents/Adult and identify all matches

    • STEP 4: Student receives 2 points (or more) for each “Yes match”. Student receives 1 point for each “No match”

    • STEP 5: Student receives reinforcement at some pre-determined time based on a pre-set criteria.
  • Individualizing Self & Match Forms

    Each Self & Match form is customized for a specific user or class.  Below are just some of the considerations that are included in the development of each form:

    • Interests of the student/client

    • Academic levels of functioning

    • Current target areas of growth

    • Frequency of check-ins

  • 5 Ways to Create Self & Match Forms

    Once you’ve completed the Considerations Prior to Implementation Guide (included in the manual and forms portal), you will be on your way to creating customized Self & Match forms. There are 5 simple ways to create forms!

    1. Use the Self & Match Maker online forms generator*

    2. Start with the Digital Self & Match form template that is available in the forms portal*

    3. Access any of the 10+ Word/Excel templates that are available for download in the forms portal*

    4. Open up a blank document and create a form from scratch

    5. Email us to request a specific sample from the manual so you can edit it
  • How Self & Match Maker simplifies form development

    Our Self & Match Maker is an easy-to-use online tool to help you quickly create Self & Match forms for your students and clients. In less than 2 minutes, you can make individualized forms to align with specific goals. Watch our quick video to learn a little bit about how Self & Match Maker works. 
    • Download each customized Self & Match form as a PDF or Doc
    • Create forms with a variety of student response options (Yes/No, Smile/Frown, Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down, etc)
    • Change the value of each “Yes Match” from 2 points to 5 points
    • Customize the criteria, rating intervals, number of questions, and other key factors

    *The e-book version of this manual is discounted from the printed manual price and therefore does not include access to the supplemental forms portal or Self & Match Maker


  • Digital Self & Match Forms

    In the forms portal, you’ll also find 3 Digital Self & Match Form Templates that can be a launch point for your student/client/classroom.  We’ve found that Middle School through College students like digital Self & Match forms because of the discrete ease of access when transitioning between classes. There are many staff benefits to using the digital Self & Match forms such as:

    • Data is automatically collected and assembled in a summary sheet

    • Data is automatically graphed and available for referencing as making data-based decisions

    • The forms are customizable based on the Considerations Prior to Implementation guide

    • This is an eco-friendly option for paperless Self & Match use
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