Standards of Practice

  • Standards of Practice

    While we are truly pleased that there is such interest in the “Self & Match” system, it is of utmost importance that we ensure the integrity, spirit, and the goals of the program.  That being said, the following guidelines are the “Self & Match” Standards of Practice:

    • In order to avoid a photocopy-of-a-photocopy-of-a-photocopy phenomena, “Self & Match” forms should be individually created for each student and should not be universally copied for indiscriminable use.
    • All “Self & Match” developers/creators should own a “Self & Match” manual or attend a one-day “Self & Match” Introductory training offered by “Self & Match” Educational Consultation. Whenever possible, we strongly recommend using the “Self & Match” Manual as a supplement to our 6 hour introductory training. Our trainings provide a deeper understanding of the systematic nature and detailed approach involved in the individualization of each Self & Match system.
    • When referencing the “Self & Match” name, please note that it is “Self & Match” and never “Self and Match”, “Self n Match”. “Self Match”, or “S&M.” The “Self & Match” logo may not be altered in any way. Additionally, all forms should also include “Salter & Croce, Year) on the bottom right footer in size 8 font.