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  • Feedback from Behavior Specialists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts

    • “I have been using self monitoring with students for a few years now, but I always felt like something was off and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I found Self & Match!… Self & Match allows the students to take ownership of their point sheets and their behaviors. The rating segments lend themselves to organic and REAL conversations between the student and the staff. These conversations help provide positive feedback or learning opportunities for our kiddos. All of this is so good for monitoring behavior, teaching skills, and building relationships. But, the best part of Self & Match is how customizable the system is…”

      Jennifer S
      Board Certified Behavior Analyst
    • “I love the Self and Match! As someone who works with children on the autism spectrum setting, I have found to be very successful in both the home and classroom setting. This is a well organized and effective intervention, I would highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a strategy that works! I have used with children’s ages 3 to 27 and found it to be effectual for all ages. I have also done two evidenced based research projects on the intervention found to be effective in reducing a number of maladaptive behaviors in children and adults!”

      Jana G
      Board Certified Behavior Analyst
    • I am a BCBA with a public school system. I have been using this system for a few years with middle and high schoolers. I just recently moved to Elementary School and am finding the system works extremely well with this age group as well. I also use this system with my own young children, especially for school breaks and summer time. It is so easy to use and really emphasizes self-awareness, along with positive behavior. I highly recommend this program for any and all who want to increase and reinforce positive behaviors!

      Amy G
      Board Certified Behavior Analyst & Parent
    • “As a behavior analyst for a school district, I have found Self and Match to be invaluable for students across educational settings. The students can be easily involved in the planning process, and are able to see their feedback throughout the day while self-monitoring their own performance. I have also found it is a great script for teachers to objectively provide feedback to students who may be sensitive to it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a self-monitoring intervention.”

      Behavior Analsyt
    • “As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for over the last 10 years, I would highly recommend using Self & Match as an intervention in the school and home. I have used this intervention successfully with a wide range of students with various disabilities. Self & Match is a wonderful self-monitoring intervention… Self & Match is a perfect intervention for use in home and schools because it is easy to use and uniquely incorporates the use of matching with another individual. This not only fosters the goal of self-monitoring independently, but also honestly. Croce and Salter have developed an intervention to meet the needs of a broad range of students, but requiring only a small effort on the part of extremely busy educators and parents.”

      Joyce M
      Board Certified Behavior Analyst
    • I’m so excited about Self and Match. I was cautiously optimistic after purchasing and have had tremendous success using it with my clients. I’ve used with both neurotypical and ASD children in one on one and group settings. I’ve also used with clients with little to no language and 17 year old ASD student in all honors classes who was on the verge of expulsion and turn his behaviors around with Self & Match. Can’t say enough good things about this system. Parents have also found it helpful using it with challenges at home.

      Amanda P
    • “As a behavior specialist Self & Match has been a valuable resource that I have used for the past 2 years. The manual provides a tons of examples to use with a variety of different learners. I have used this program with students with high functioning autism, ADHD, and emotional disabilities from Kindergarten through 8th grade. One of the things that I like best about the program is that is very well structured and easy to follow so that teachers and classroom staff are able to implement it with fidelity. I know several staff members that have fallen in love with the program and gone on to use it in their homes with their own children!”

      Karen D
      Behavior Specialist
    • Self & Match is a wonderful system for both students with and without disabilities. Firmly grounded in the principles of behavior analysis, this system can effectively promote positive behaviors, while simultaneously help decrease disruptive behaviors. The systems allows teachers to pre-plan their intervention and troubleshoot before they even begin to implement it! As a BCBA, I have used this system in educational, residential, clinical, and recreational settings with much success. Modifications need to be made to fit each level of learner, but the system is adaptive enough to allow individualization. I would highly recommend this system for both novice and advanced practitioners.

      Dr. A Bulla
    • I’ve been utilizing the Self & Match system for the last 7 years in many different capacities and have yet to find a student I cannot make it work for. As a district behavior specialist I have been able to customize this system to support students from preschool to 8th grade. I have seen the success of self-monitoring work across age levels, academic settings and disabilities. One highlight of the manual is the extensive Consideration Guidelines. I have found that in order to get all stakeholder buy-in, completing the consideration guidelines as a team will get even the most reluctant teacher on board. In the new manual there are Advanced Consideration Guidelines that make troubleshooting the system even more thorough. Katie and Jamie also make themselves available for trainings, think tank meetings and now coffee chats through Patreon to provide ongoing guidance, troubleshooting and idea swapping for any implementer of the Self & Match system. I truly cannot recommended this intervention enough!

      Hannah R
      Board Certified Behavior Analyst
    • I have used this system in schools, home programs, and clinic settings working with my pediatric clients and had amazing success! 5 Years ago I started a new venture working in adult services and introduced Self & Match to my adult clients in residential and day program settings and have watched the clients flourish! The authors are very accessible and offer a wealth of information, guidance, training, and support! Jamie and Katie are absolute ROCKSTARS!!! Thank you both so much for the work you put into creating such a valuable and user friendly intervention!

      Michael H
      Board Certified Behavior Analyst

    Feedback from Teachers

    • I have been using Self and Match as a Special Education teacher and Behavior Analyst for 3 years. It is easy to implement for the user, provides meaningful opportunities for adults to give feedback, and most of all works to address target behaviors in many environments! It’s my go-to recommendation for the school setting.

      Sarah F
      Special Education Teacher
    • Self and Match is an easy-to-use resource for monitoring children/students behavior. This self-monitoring system can be used anywhere (home, school, or the community) and helps guide and scaffold children to reinforce the desired/expected behaviors and reduce negative/unwanted behaviors. Katie and Jamie provide wonderful training to support the implementation of this tool. Can not recommend this intervention enough, it really works!!!

      Caitlin L
      Special Education Teacher
    • As a general education teacher, I work with a wide variety of students with varying social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs. In my classroom I have used, and met great success, with The Self & Match System.This self-monitoring system gives students the ability to be aware of their behaviors and gives them a sense of ownership over their behavior. In my 10 years of teaching I have used many different behavior monitoring tools, The Self & Match System, in my opinion is one of the best! Students know what their daily goals are, the system is easy for parents and students to understand, and it can be implemented as a whole class behavior system or on an individual basis. I would recommend the Self & Match System to all educators. I truly believe that this system can positively affect the dynamic of any classroom!

      Robyn E
      General Education Teacher
    • This is a great self-monitoring system! I like how the student is allowed to rate how they did; it really allows them to have a voice and say in how they think they are doing. It allows them to be honest, and to be rewarded for their honesty. I have used this system for several students and for entire classrooms and have seen a huge change in behavior. Greatly recommend this system!

      Lucille C
    • Excellent program! Easy to use, easy to understand. I have used this system with students in my moderate to severe special education class. It is very successful and has made a meaningful impact on my students’ understanding of self-regulation and ability to self regulate. I used this program for students who were non-verbal with great success. Many of my students do not read, so using visuals was very supportive. I highly recommend!!

    • The Self & Match is the best self-monitoring intervention I’ve used. It incorporates many aspects of self-management into one comprehensive package. I have seen success with elementary and preschool students in decreasing maladaptive behaviors and increasing on-task behavior. If you are looking over an overall program for your student, the Self & Match could be your answer. The Self & Match increases the student’s independence and can be generalized to other problem behaviors…

    • This is a well thought out plan that’s easy to implement and modify for students. I teach pre-school age students and was able to easily individualize it to be successful for my students, and cater to their different levels. Highly recommend.

      Jenna K
      Preschool Special Education Teacher
    • I have used The Self & Match System in my classroom for many years and I found it to be very helpful in the classroom management of student behaviors. It is easy to use and a very visual system for the students to reflect on their own behavior. The Self & Match System provided the classroom staff many opportunities throughout the day to review the classroom expectations and to positively reinforce students for making great choices!

      Jeanette V
      Special Education Teacher
  • Feedback from School Administrators

    • The Self & Match System has been a highly valued resource for our Tier 2/3 students with behavior goals. Realistic growth is the focus as students first recognize how they have done and then begin to make gains toward their goals. This resource is worth every penny and the authors are incredibly accessible for support and training.

      Angie Y
    • As a Director of Special Education, I find The Self & Match System affordable, user friendly, and highly effective. Currently, my entire special education department is trained in using The Self & Match System. It’s currently being implemented across a variety of classroom settings within our District. When implemented with fidelity, The Self & Match System reduces unnecessary costs in litigation, non-public schools, and outside behavior agencies.

      Director of Special Education
  • Feedback from School Psychologists

    • I can’t thank Jamie & Katie enough for creating this valuable tool. As an experienced school psychologist, I can unequivocally say that Self & Match is my go-to tool for general education or special education teachers struggling with problem behavior students. I have been using Self & Match since the beginning and no other tool comes close in effectiveness in my opinion. Teaching self-reflection and ownership of behaviors to students with maladaptive behaviors is very difficult. What Self & Match excels in: goal oriented, self-monitoring, reinforcing positive behaviors, 1:1 attention, self-reflection, and accountability..,I have used Self & Match with various populations and grades ranging from K-8. It has proven to be effective in all environments: general education, special ed classrooms, and social-emotional programs. I have even recommended the system to my cohort in my doctorate program. If you have a dedicated teacher who is willing try and stay consistent in implementation then this is the tool for you.

      Dr. E. Park
      School Psychologist
    • I am a K-5 school psychologist and use Self & Match with so many students in special education, as well as general education!! I really love how the charts can be adapted and modified to fit individual student needs and it can be written in language/pictures that they can easily understand! I also like how it takes the pressure of the teacher when a student is not being honest and when the student is honest, despite engaging in an unexpected behavior, the student still gets credit for that honesty! I’ve used so many different behavior charts that I’ve created but none have been as effective as Self & Match system!!

      Patricia M
      School Psychologist