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  • Self & Match is a BACB Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) Provider

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  • Self & Match 

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  • Felician University St. Francis Grant

    Free Training Series for Qualified Educators in New Jersey

    Intro: 4/7/23
    Intermediate: 5/5/23
    Advanced: 6/2/23

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  • San Diego State University

    Guest Speaker in Graduate Course: 4/12/23


  • Antelope Valley School District

    Parent Workshop: 4/17/23

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  • Behavior Analyst Leadership Council

    Webinar: SELF-MONITORING: The tool that you didn’t know you needed in your toolbox!: 4/20/23

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  • ABAI

    Pre-Convention Workshop: 5/26/23
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  • ABAI

    Business Meeting/Reunion: 5/26/23
    7-8pm – Come Say Hi if you’re at ABAI! (details)

  • Leon County

    Intro Training: 1/27/23
    Intermediate: 3/10/23
    Advanced: 5/12/23


  • Open Advanced

    Advanced Workshop: 3/13/23

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  • Open Intro

    Intro Workshop: 6/6/23

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  • Self & Match 


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  • Monarch School

    2022/2023 School Year
    San Diego, CA

    Year 3 Reboot Training and
    Follow-up Coaching

    CLOSED Session

  • Fallbrook High School District

    Intro Workshop &
    Follow-Up Coaching



  • Poway School District

    2022/2023 School Year
    Poway, CA

    Intro Workshop & Follow-Up Coaching


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