• The Self & Match System Manual

  • The Self & Match System

    The Self & Match System is a user-friendly program designed to teach self-monitoring. By teaching practical ways to engage in positive actions, our system helps individuals – whether they are students or clients – achieve behavioral, social, and academic success. Our evidence-based system of self-monitoring is used by educators, therapists, and parents in a variety of settings to enhance skills, foster positive change, boost independence, and uplift lives. Self-monitoring is a proven tool that can be used across the life span; it’s a concept present in everyday tools like fitness tracking and budget management
    • Systematic Planning is a Must!

      The Self & Match System Considerations Guide is a roadmap to help plan each intervention.

    • No One is Perfect! Aim for Progress!

      We embrace a growth mindset! Meet the learner where they are at and then use Self & Match to help shape progress.

    • Capitalizes on Preferences & Motivation

      Linking interventions and rewards to student motivation leads to higher success.

    • Evolving Intervention Methodology

      This intervention will evolve and advance with the student as progress is made.

  • The Self & Match Manual

    The Self & Match manual is much more than an instruction manual. It explains the theory behind self-monitoring, describes how the system works, and serves as a compass for navigating the collaborative setup process.  This manual not only includes practical tips for seamlessly integrating the system across diverse contexts but also offers:

    • Includes a comprehensive guides to collaboratively plan

    • 19 sample Self & Match forms

    • An assortment of supplementary materials, ranging from data sheets to letters intended for parents, along with an array of training resources.

    • Access to Digital Forms Portal housing a treasure trove of pre-designed editable Self & Match forms and plethora of other resources



  • Self & Match Forms

    The Self & Match forms are at the core of our system. Each form is customized to create a positive collaboration between the educator/parent and the child/teen/young adult who is participating in the program. Self & Match forms are a dynamic tool that changes as behavior evolves and improves over time.

    • Questions, rating periods, and reward criteria are just a few of the ways that each form is individualized
    • The Self & Match form that is first utilized will surely be updated as progress is made
    • Assortment of supplemental materials such as data sheets, letters home to parents, and training resources
    Are created both paper-based or digitally… whatever works best for your team!


  • The Self & Match Workshops

    While our system is structured to enable Self & Match creators to use the manual as a standalone tool, users report they gain even more benefit by attending one of our workshops. Our workshops serve as an extension to the Self & Match manual and provide attendees with an interactive and hands-on opportunity to learn a well-defined, systematic self-monitoring intervention system. 

    • Workshops include real-world examples of Self & Match forms that are not included in the manual
    • Many of our trainings have optional BACB CEUs
    • Various trainings to meet your learning goals (and/or the goals of your organization)
    • Virtual and In-Person training opportunities throughout the year
    • Our previous speaking engagements have included Keynote Speaker opportunities and workshops around the globe



  • Self & Match Consultation

    Self & Match consultation takes many forms and it available to meet the needs of you and your team. Self & Match consultants are available to guide your team through the early set-up of individual or class-wide Self & Match Systems and/or can work directly with teams on ways to further enhance or optimize the behavioral systems that are already in place.

    • Consultants can assist in form development and/or lead the team through the initial Considerations Guide planning session(s).
    • The Self & Match form that is first utilized will surely be updated as progress is made
    • Assortment of supplemental materials such as data sheets, letters home to parents, and training resources
    •  Virtual or site-based consultation 


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