• The Self & Match System Manual

  • Self & Match is an easy to implement system that can increase behavioral success:

    • Emphasis on growth mindset and social-emotional learning

    • Teaches self-monitoring with built-in accountability 

    • Incorporates into individualized behavior goals, class-wide, &/or school-wide procedures 

    • Implemented in schools, homes, & in the community

    • Uses a comprehensive guide to collaboratively plan 

    • Develops executive functioning skills 

    • Embeds the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies

    • Easy data-based tool

  • The Self & Match System Workshops

  • Tell me more about how the Self & Match System works…

    The Self & Match System is a user-friendly manualized tool to systematically teach self-monitoring in schools, homes, and community settings in order to enhance behavioral success.

    • Prior to beginning each Self & Match System, a roadmap “Considerations Guide” is completed in order to consider all of the necessary steps to successfully implement the intervention

    • Self & Match forms are then created to align with each individual’s or classroom’s goals* 

    • Because each factor on the Self & Match forms is customized, the tool can be successfully implemented with individuals of various ages and can be modified to fit each learner and adjusted to help each individual meet their goals!

    *There are digital tools available to help you create your Self & Match forms in our online portal!

  • National & International Workshops.

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    • Consultation

      Consultation is available to review Self & Match forms and/or to support self-monitoring interventions/the Self & Match System.

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