About the Self & Match System Manual

Systematic Use of Self-Monitoring as a Behavioral Intervention

  • What’s included in The Self & Match System Manual?

    The 7th edition of The Self & Match System: Systematic Use of Self-Monitoring as a Behavior Intervention includes:

    • Foreword by Dr. Saul Axelrod
    • Introduction to Self & Match
    • Literature supporting self-monitoring
    • Considerations Prior to Implementation Guide
    • Considerations During Implementation Guide
    • 19 sample Self & Match forms
    • Assortment of supplemental materials
    • Access to Digital Forms Portal with a variety of pre-made editable Self & Match forms and resources
    • Access to Self & Match Maker (an electronic Self & Match Form Creator)
    • Access to a Digital Self & Match Forms
  • What is the Self & Match Considerations Guide?

    The Self & Match: Considerations PRIOR to Implementation Guide is your roadmap for setting up each individualized Self & Match System.  We encourage you to collaborate with a team as you complete the form.  There are a variety of different sections of the Considerations Guide to consider:

    • Getting to Know Your Class/Home
    • Target Behaviors
    • Questions
    • Logistics of the Self & Match System
    • School Rewards
    • Beginning the Self & Match System
    • Data! Data! Data! including IEP Considerations (if applicable)
    • Troubleshooting Considerations
    • Thinking Long Term…Fading Procedures
    • OPTIONAL: Class-Wide Systems &/or Home Rewards

    The Self & Match manual also includes a Self & Match: Considerations DURING Implementation Guide.  This supplemental guide is a great tool to identify ways to enhance and improve Self & Match Systems that are already in place.

  • What Digital Resources are available with The Self & Match System?

    The 7th edition of The Self & Match System: Systematic Use of Self-Monitoring as a Behavior Intervention* digital portal is often being updated to offer more resources to accompany the printed manual.  It currently includes:

    • Several Digital Self & Match Templates
    • Multiple Additional Self & Match Templates
    • Access to Self & Match Maker (Self & Match Form Creator)
    • T-Charts to assist in teaching expectations (the first step to self-monitoring!)
    • Considerations During Implementation Guide
    • Data Sheets…and more!

    *The e-manual is discounted from the printed manual price and therefore does not include access to the supplemental forms portal.

  • “You are about to take a pleasant journey – one that begins with scientific research, based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and ends with the practical skills that can enable you to be a more effective and fulfilled educator/practitioner. With their unique system, Self & Match, Jamie Salter and Katharine Croce provide educators/practitioners with a roadmap for managing their classrooms in an effective and compassionate manner…” -Saul Axelrod, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Temple University

    Dr. Saul Axelrod has been a key figure in the behavior analytic community for over 40 years.  We are overjoyed that Dr. Axelrod penned the foreword for The Self & Match System.

    Read Dr. Axelrod’s Foreword here.

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