University Guest Speaking

  • Overview of the Self & Match System/Guest Speaker (45 minutes-3 hours)

    This session offers a brief overview of the Self & Match System. The training is
    designed for University courses, Local ABA chapters, Local conferences, etc. While participants in
    this training do not receive a Self & Match manual; the manual is available for purchase at a
    discounted rate. This manual may also be an appropriate supplemental text in graduate-level
    courses such as Behavior Management or Class-wide Interventions. Please contact us for more
    information regarding guest speaking at your event/class. (

    Title of Training Overview of the Self & Match System

    Length of Training: 45 minutes-3 hours
    Typical Training Size: 15-100
    Target Audience: Graduate students, Undergraduate students, Behavior Analysts, School
    Psychologists, Perfect for Classroom/Behavior Management and Positive
    Behavior Supports Courses etc.
    Room Set-up: Flexible
    AV Needs Screen: Mac Adapter, Speakers
    Printing Needs: TBD based on presentation needs