The Self & Match System Manual (Now Includes Access to Digital Forms)

The Self & Match System Manual (Now Includes Access to Digital Forms)


The Self & Match System: Systematic Use of Self-Monitoring as a Behavioral Intervention
(Spiral-Bound Manual)

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The Self & Match System is a user-friendly program designed to teach self-monitoring. By teaching practical ways to engage in positive actions, this system helps individuals – whether they are students or clients – achieve behavioral, social, and academic success. This evidence-based system of self-monitoring is used by educators, therapists, and parents in a variety of settings to enhance skills, foster positive change, boost independence, and uplift lives. Self-monitoring is a proven intervention that can be used across the life span. The Self & Match manual is much more than an instruction manual. It explains the theory behind self-monitoring, describes how the system works, and serves as a compass for navigating the collaborative setup process. This manual not only includes practical tips for seamlessly integrating the system across diverse contexts but also offers:

  • Includes a comprehensive guides to collaboratively plan
  • 19 sample Self & Match forms
  • An assortment of supplementary materials, ranging from data sheets to letters intended for parents, along with an array of training resources.
  • Access to Digital Forms Portal housing a treasure trove of pre-designed editable Self & Match forms and plethora of other resources

We’re hopeful this manual will help you develop a successful intervention to meet individual student needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a tool to help students monitor and reflect on their own behavior so that they can become more independent, self-determined, and have an improved quality of life!

PLEASE NOTE: Text is available in Spanish upon request.

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