• The Self & Match System Manual

  • The Self & Match System

    Systematic Use of Self-Monitoring as a Behavioral Intervention
    • Systematic Planning is a Must!

      The Self & Match system incorporates a thorough Considerations Guide to implement PRIOR to beginning the intervention.

    • No One is Perfect! (Not Even You)

      We often advocate setting a student’s criteria for reward at 80-85% (sometimes even lower).

    • Reward Options Leads to a Higher Success Rate

      We suggest linking rewards to the student’s behavioral function(s).

    • Intervention Changes as Student Behavior Changes

      A great thing about the Self & Match System is that it will change and advance with the student.

    The Self & Match System

    The Self & Match System is a self-monitoring and motivational system firmly grounded in principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  This behavioral intervention encourages a collaborative approach to promoting systematic behavioral success for children and young adults using self-monitoring with a match component.   Self & Match has been implemented internationally across a variety of settings including: special and general education; home; camp; clinic; public, private, and parochial schools; post-secondary education; and sports programs.  Self & Match can be incorporated into individualized behavior systems, class-wide, and school-wide management procedures as a part of SWPBIS (School-wide Positive Behavior Supports & Interventions).   Systematic planning before beginning an intervention makes a world of difference and is a fundamental element of the Self & Match system.  Each system is individually developed using a comprehensive considerations guide that is included within the Self & Match manual.  Self & Match is an inexpensive, data-based, & interactive intervention.

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    • Consultation

      Consultation is available to review Self & Match forms and/or to support self-monitoring interventions/the Self & Match System.

  • Self & Match System Creators

    Systematic Use of Self-Monitoring as a Behavioral Intervention
  • Jamie and Katie - Creators of Self and Match

  • Jamie Salter, ED.S., BCBA and

    Katie Croce, ED.D., BCBA-D

    Katie & Jamie developed the Self & Match System in 2004 and since that time, they have presented at numerous International conventions.  Additionally, they have led workshops at a variety of organizations including, but not limited to: universities, public school districts, charter schools, autism agencies, and ABA chapters.

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